Friday, April 1, 2011


Given the events of this week, I needed to workout so damned hard I would have to drag my broken ass to the car afterward. I did my run on the treadmill as it was still cold and raining. Then maxxed out the leg press machine for three sets, twelve reps at 400 pounds, maxxed out the hip abduction machine at three sets, ten reps at 305 pounds - no wonder my upper legs are getting large, eh? Then on to the hip adduction machine three sets, ten reps at 265 pounds, leg extension machine three sets, eight reps at 145 pounds. After that zercher squats three sets, ten reps 135 pounds and then regular squats for two sets of  the same weight. Then on to the hack squat machine for three sets, 8 - 12 reps at 200 pounds. And finally the hamstring machine for 3 sets, 8 -12 reps at 140 pounds and the standing calf machine for three sets, ten reps at 235 pounds. That's just the leg stuff I think is boring.

Now the chest - Split level pushups with a 25 pound medicine ball for twenty reps each arm, close handed stance on the medicine ball for 15 reps. The time killer - wide stance pushups on the Smith Machine moving the bar up one slot until basically arm level and then back down to the bottom for ten reps each level and a short break in the middle - that basically came to 90 pushups in the end. Then I used the Smith Machine to do incline bench presses ten sets, three reps at 145 pounds and after that incline dumbell flyes three sets 8 -12 reps with 45 pound dumbells. On to decline bench press three sets  8 -12 reps at 155 pounds, pec fly machine three sets 10 reps at 190 pounds, and finally dips - two sets, ten reps wide grip and two sets, ten reps normal grip. And my chest is my favorite area to work out. I wanted to do flat bench with close grip but both benches were used and I just did not feel like working in with someone or waiting around for it to come open. And I wanted to do weighted dips with far fewer reps but I could not find the belt.

Now I normally do not work out like that. I really wanted to test my limits and see just how long I can workout. Turned out to be a little over two hours. Needless to say, my chest had to have been twice its size when I left and my legs were feeling pumped pretty large as well.

A couple guys I chat with a lot gave me a pep talk this week. Both commented that I really have bulked up and just are not a skinny dude anymore. One commented that the change to my body is most noticeable through my chest and shoulders. That was nice. It doesn't weird me out when friends comment on my physique but it tends to do that when random people comment.

Anyway, I have come to enjoy a good pump through my muscles. Used to be that only my forearms would pump up but now each part of me that gets worked through real good gets pumped. Sure it could swell me up nearly twice my size for a while but it feels great.

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