Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fast Twitch

So after the Jack3d incident, I was determined to find something that could be for me, a pre-workout that would swell me up twice my size without me wanting to workout for more than two hours at a time and does not keep me up for nearly 14 hours after taking it. I was told to try Superpump 250 because it was supposed to be even more intense than Jack3d and I at least thought it would be hilarious. Well, that did not do anything at all so no blog.

Well now there's Fast Twitch and I actually think this one is okay. I drank it before an arm workout today and I started getting a warm feeling all over. After I got off work and into my gym clothes, I went after my arms like a madman. Fast Twitch pumped my entire body up a bit but I did not feel like a balloon. I just do not understand why my chest and traps really get it when I get pumped. My traps end up halfway up my neck with my chest huge and hard as a rock. I did not crash after the caffeine wore off and the swelling went down slowly. As far as pre-workouts go, this is still not something I would use regularly but I would consider using it again. I may do so for my police department PT test.

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  1. I have never found anything that really did what I wanted. The closest was Gakik, but that was more energy and not really much swell. But at least it didn't keep me up for hours and hours. Now I just eat more.