Sunday, April 10, 2011

Untold tale

Since I applied for a job with a telecom last week and while I await word on whether or not I even have an interview, I think it time to talk of an experience I have never talked about until today.

Back at Winamac, there is a company called Pulaski-White Telephone Co-Operative, also known as PWRTC. This is the company we went through to have internet back in the day. In high school, I seriously loved this company and championed all causes associated with it. And why wouldn't I? This company did basically brought me the world. Now the internet was still very much in its public use infancy - my friends and I had Juno email accounts and we flaunted the fact that we were among the first in the area to have email as though we were truly on the cutting edge. The internet was basically that, early GeoCities and AngelFire sites, chat rooms, and more message boards than you could ever imagine. Broken links and sites were very common.

So my senior year came around and PWRTC called me up out of the blue wanting to interview for a cable layer position. I thought it odd since I did not turn an application in but it did not matter. I was super stoked for this and went into the interview having no idea what exactly the job entails and somehow even less of an idea as to the hours they wanted me to work. I dressed up a bit and got there a little early all ready to take whatever offered with no question asked. As it turned out I was basically there to take a job - the interview was basically just a formality. Thing is that this was a full time position. And I would have had to quit school in order to take the job. They were unwilling to let me work any hours outside of the norm since this was a position that requires a team of people on site at any point to get the cable laid. Additionally I was about 138 pounds and knew this was going to be a very tough job on me for quite some time.

So I wound up turning it down. Dropping out of school on my last year of it just seemed like a completely outlandish idea to me. Yes, I could have gotten my G.E.D. but why would I do that when I had less than 180 days to go. They didn't seem to understand why I would turn down a great paying job for school. In the end, they told me to come back and apply after I graduated and they would set me up with a position then if one was available, but I never went back. By then I was getting ready to go to Vincennes University and was more than ready to get the hell out of that area.

What does this have to do with now? I applied to a telecom outside Indianapolis as an IT. If I get this, in some odd way I would have come full circle.

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  1. Seriously Chad, I wish you the best with all the job apps you are sending out. No one can tell you that you aren't trying. I am sure something will turn up and you will be fine.