Monday, April 11, 2011


So after my run today, I did the usual leg and chest workout though I did either throw on more weight or do supersets. I kind of alternated it but I always superset the hell out of pushups so that would pretty much go without saying.

I had a conversation with one of the dudes I always talk to while we are working out about stretch marks. Dudes' got a lot of them with real deep ones around the ditches and biceps that look real painful and a few on his chest that are wide and go pretty far across. I have always wondered why I am not absolutely covered in them having put on so much mass though I am glad that I do not have many. Lately I have developed a lot of small stretch marks on the sides of my chest that are really only visible when I am pumped up. They aren't pink or anything so I am fine with it. But today is the day I got my first real stretch marks. They are pink and right along the pec/delt line and I noticed that right after military presses and incline bench presses. It kind of sucks since I've gone this far without any major ones, but I really do think it was only a matter of time. But yeah, I'm really good at this coincidence thing.

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