Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Horrible run, great workout

My calves have been so sore and tight all day that I was pretty much not wanting to sit down at all so they wouldn't start to tighten back up. But it's running day so I donned a wifebeater and shorts and went for it - only to run into a couple dead ends along the way causing me to turn around entirely and go a different route. And my calves started to pump harder than I have ever felt around the ten minute mark. I continued to push myself but my legs pretty much called it quits around the fifteen minute mark and I had to haul my big sorry ass back to the gym to finish my leg workout. For the remaining time, I only worked out my quads and hips since my hamstrings and calves took quite the beating already.

Once came the chest workout, I was on a roll. The honor roll. After my many sets of pushups and dips, I did every single bench available, and put together a military press on the Smith Machine. Military presses and Incline presses on the Smith Machine make these real cool muscles along my ribs really pop out. After incline dumbell flyes I headed out. Hopefully I can get the running put together well before the police PT test.

As a side note, I found a ton of really cool jobs I have been applying to. I really hope I get something soon.

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  1. Remember that you need to stretch those muscles. I have to tell myself to do this too, since I often forget. If you are watching tv, get a towel and put it around your foot and pull your toes towards your body. Also find a wall or table leg and occasionally lean into it keep your knee straight. You will be just fine on that PT test.