Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Back when I started college, I bleached my hair. It was the thing to do and thought it quite the opposite of the long hair with the part in the middle that was no longer the thing to do. It was the beginning of what I kind of thought would be a long bout with finding the right hairstyle. For about a year and a half after that, I just let my hair get shaggy until my cowlicks got out of control then I would go in for a trim. The hairstylists I would see would try goofy crap to tame them and it always just make them look even more ridiculous. My favorite of that was the hairstylist that left the cowlick near my crown to grow out longer than the rest of my hair thinking if it gets long enough it would just lay flat. So after a few months, I ended up with a three inch long tuft of hair that still would not lay down and the rest of my hair being three quarters of an inch. By then I more than had enough.

So then it was off to buy a set of clippers and do it myself. I started out with a larger guard and spiked my hair but that took too much effort so slowly I worked down to buzzing without a guard at all. Something about that just works. So for about ten years now I just buzz my hair off. I have come to love the feeling of a freshly buzzed head after a shower. Sure it makes me look like a cop/military guy/bodybuilder but it just seems to work. When it was much thinner and had nearly quarter inch holes in my ears it made me look the stereotypical Straight Edger. This is one enduring hair style and now I just don't care enough to try anything else.

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