Sunday, August 28, 2011


I finally decided to start putting ab work back into my workouts and I obviously plan to start slowly. Along with legs and back exercises yesterday I did a couple different ab exercises with low weight, low repetition. So after a heavy leg and back day and a light bit of ab work, I finished up and headed out.

Next stop, cancel my membership with Cardinal Fitness. I had been torn on doing this for a while now since I have put on twenty pounds of solid muscle over my three years of membership there. But I haven't been in there since I got laid off from the school and didn't see too much reason to head out there anymore. Additionally, since I work for Lifestyle Family Fitness and have been in there seven days a week either to work, workout, or both I think it silly to keep paying for a membership with a different gym. Ultimately I went in and canceled and really didn't have this strange emotional upheaval I kept expecting. I just knew it was time to move on.

So after that a trip to the mall to screw around for a little bit. F.Y.E. played the entire Foster the People album so I stuck around for a little bit to listen to it. During my screwing around, I had that album, a few nice dvd sets, a few DS games, and other assorted crap before I realized I wasn't really there to buy anything yet. I went over to the GameStop and looked at 3DS games since buying that is also on my eventual purchases list. The dumbass employee I talked with about the 3DS apparently thought I never played a video game in my life, and I never knew that Zelda is a series that has been going on for 25 years now. I kept shooting him down but he kept on this high horse, I'm smarter than you crap so I left. Fucking gamers.

But ultimately last night was a going away party at the bar. The personal trainer manager at my gym took a job with a gym in Chicago and is moving up there. We had wings and pizza and I decided to actually try to act like I drink so I ordered a rum and coke and then several coke refills. Well, the bartender didn't hear me correctly so she filled a tumbler with rum. In thinking it was already mixed, I took a big swig and was in for a surprise. That shit is rough going down. I ordered a coke, drank it down, and then mixed the drink myself. It tasted a lot better and I likely wound up a bit tipsy. Obviously the crowd were from the gym, and were largely the guy's clients so obviously we talked gym stuff all night. It was cool and we had a lot of fun. The party went on downtown and I was pretty much done for the night. Another one of my co-workers wanted me to go bar hopping with him as though he has no idea I am just not a bar person. After a lot of bickering he went on his way and I went home.

So today I woke up really sore in my abs and with a sore throat from yelling over the music at the bar. And after a chest, shoulder, and arm workout today I am sore everywhere else. But somehow one mixed drink and like six cokes left me really ripped, so there's that.

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