Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Kind of short. There was a guy that worked out at my gym who had been working with our biggest trainer. This trainer is a massive dude and I would like to eventually get some sessions in with him also. So this trainer had this guy do this ridiculously hard bicep curls and this guy basically had me spotting him and more or less pushing the bar into his chest when he fatigued. Now that I know it's a good one for size, I've been trying like hell to build myself up to be able to do it. What is this exercise? Well, you do it on the bicep machine. I chose 30 pounds to start. It's 20 reps at 30 pounds, then 15 reps at 45 pounds, 10 reps at 60 pounds, 8 reps at 75 pounds, 8 reps at 90 pounds and then 8 reps at 105 pounds. You do this all straight through, take a couple minute rest and then start at 8 reps at 105 pounds and then back up to 20 reps at 30 pounds. Needless to say, it's just too much for me. However, today was the first day I've been able to make it halfway through this madness. I wasn't able to do any other bicep exercises but that's fine. Halfway is a lot further than I've done previously.

The other one is a set of pushups that are rough. You start with diamond pushups for ten reps, then to neutral pushups for ten reps, wide pushups for ten reps, and then neutrals pushups and back down to diamond pushups. I have to rest before the final set of diamond pushups, which isn't too bad.

And I've finally started to do ab exercises again since straining those muscles twice. I've been going real light on them.

I'm close to my goal weight and I keep finding new ways to put more stress on my body for bigger muscles, which is great. The only drawback is that I'm getting very close to getting stretch marks along the edges of my chest. I need to get cocoa butter to take care of that.

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