Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weight Gainer

So yeah, I've been having some difficulty hitting my ultimate goal weight. Granted I'm about 6 pound shy of that goal so it's not too far off. With that said, my co-workers at the gym have been telling me to go to this specific supplement store because the prices are awesome and the owner gives us a ten percent discount on all purchases. And every time I go out to that store I wind up at the comic book store about a mile down the road. I am clearly doing it wrong.

I had the first of three interviews at Costco last week and afterward I just went to the supplement store. I told the owner my ultimate goal weight wise and that I am just a few pounds off. He suggested said weight gainer and wrote down directions for me to use it. I got it for real cheap and went on to get my workout on before closing the gym that night.

So in short I have been using weight gainer for nearly a week now and man this shit makes me sluggish. I sleep at least 12 hours a day and are bloated all the time. My appetite isn't too great either. I haven't weighed myself yet so I don't even know what the outcome has been so far since I haven't weighed myself lately. I can tell you that my workouts have been intense and my shirts are getting smaller. So there's that.

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