Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Troll feeding

I have come to really like the band Foster the People. "Pumped Up Kicks" took some time to grow on me but "Houdini" is such a great song that it sold me on these guys. The music videos for these two songs were basically comprised of the band playing in bars. Nothing groundbreaking but with YouTube does it really matter how artfully done the music video is anymore? Well, this band went ahead and made a music video for the song "Helena Beat." This song is decent, nothing too memorable in my book, but the video is the very definition of trying too hard. Let's watch, shall we? I'm trying to post the video under the text but apparently either I'm a moron because it will either post above or next to the text.

So anyway, some dumbass posted this comment: the symbolism in this video is satanic in nature,,,to the avg person this seems like just another creepy video but theres much more lurking in the shadows,,,the concept of the new man,,,,transhumanism, the luciferian initiation,,,the destruction of the old world to bring in the new world order,,,where evil reigns supreme,,,truth is trampled upon and the father of lies prevails
Wow that was deep. You have to admire certain people's ability to see the devil in absolutely everything. The use of commas like that makes this person look so much more intelligent. So anyway, I knew better than to comment. You ignore the trolls, not feed them. But I didn't. I commented anyway, and it was to the effect of "Michelle Bachmann is here to set us straight. Hooray!" Then I got this beautiful message:

you need to look into the nazi concept of the new man,,,thats right,,,,THE NEW MAN,,,then look up transhumanism,,,and then the RFID technology,,,then look up satanism in the music industry,,,,then look up the new world order,,,,then go to the website the rainbow swastika,,,,the concept being portrayed in that video is not new,,,,theres a meaning behind it,,,but unless youre really into the occult you wouldnt understand,, ,,,this is a promotion of a satanic agenda,,,this is not hidden ,,,,this is not a secret,,,its common knowledge for anyone who follows politics on a serious level,,,a world government is being put together,,,thats why you see all of these gov around the world imploding at the same time,,,
and what you see in that vid is social engineering its not new,,,look into it,,,this isnt a joke,,,this is serious

In short? Loved it. Here is someone who took a goofy music video to an entirely new level. I didn't even reply to this person. This level of clear stupidity/trolling is something I am not even going to deal with.

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