Sunday, May 8, 2011

Small block

I finally got my A/C/I CPR + AED certification this weekend. Having been certified a couple times through the American Red Cross, I must admit that the American Heart Association session was different. Not enough to really throw a person off, obviously, but different enough. But obviously it was very easy for me to get. And with that said, a small block in my way has finally been removed. I can now go for a few more gym jobs that I need to have this certification for.

I had been wanting to get this done for quite some time, but would always balk at paying for it myself since I used to get it for free through work. But since I work at a gym now, I am once again able to get it for free. With this done, and with some other news coming down the pike, I may finally get my trainer license finished after all and start training people part time to live healthier or more muscular lives. It's their choice.

Time to redouble on the job search effort now, but I never know. I may just have one soon...

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  1. Awesome Chad! I need to get my Red Cross one again. I get American Heart by the hospital, but I want to keep both just in case. Some places prefer one over the other. And you are right they are slightly different but not enough to cause you not to pass the exam. Congratulations on a job well done.