Friday, May 27, 2011

Ramblin' man

Wednesday, I finally managed to bring my chest to failure during a workout. It was pretty cool even though it took nearly an hour to get there. I really could not pick up another weight to use on my chest. I was pumped so damned hard.

So after that, I took Thursday off in order to rest and not work out six days this week. I've been back on that schedule though it was kind of by accident. There's a new sales guy at the gym and he needs to bulk it up a bit. He's short and very skinny and he wants about 40 pounds of mass put on him. Since I passed up the 40 pounds gained marked a long time ago, I feel like the best man for the job. Or at least the free man for the job. So after work on Sundays, he and I go through the exercises that will quickly put on size. He's very weak as well so he does his weight and I do my normal weight which doesn't help his self-esteem. I try to do a short round of exercises with him knowing that he's not going to last an hour and a half and still be able to finish his shift at work, but I still go pretty intense for myself. Anyway, why not take Friday and Saturday off instead? Fridays are the days I really are stoked on chest exercises and can't wait to hammer until I'm pumped up big.

So today, I went in for a workout after an interview that I feel went mostly well. Again, I will have to hear from them and I know how well that's gone lately so why would this go any different? And today I took my legs to failure for the first time. Again, I took a hell of a lot to get there and my thighs were rubbing together by the time I was done. I'm sure that's going to be permanent soon. After I could not move another weight with my legs I moved on to chest and obviously went a bit lighter than I did on Wednesday. I noticed my left shoulder was extremely tight near the end of my workout when I was doing flat bench presses. So after that, I donned my swim trunks and headed into the pool to relax my shoulder muscles. I spent a good deal of time on shoulder stretches underwater and attempts at swim strokes. After that I sat in the hot tub with a jet shooting right into my left shoulder. It loosened up quite a bit and I definitely need to give it a rest.

Obviously I am under a hell of a lot of stress which makes me work out a lot more. And every time I work out six days a week I gain a pound a week versus 1.5 - 2 pounds gained a month working out five days a week. Yes it will get me to my goal that much faster but there's only so long I can do that before I injure myself. I'm 216 pounds now and I definitely look different. Also working out six days a week increases my appetite tenfold. Where I will drink a cup of milk with whey protein after a workout under normal circumstances, I drink damn near half a gallon of chocolate milk, eat two no-bake cookies (my favorite cookies) and a handful of peanuts before going on to make dinner. It's impossible for me to regulate eating when I work out six days a week. And today I took in about 1200 calories for lunch. I was nervous before the interview so I stopped at McDonald's for sweet tea and ended up with a sweet tea, ten nuggets, fries, two apple pies, and a small caramel coffee that one of the ladies made for some reason. I got the coffee for free. The lady claimed she made it when she didn't need to and needed to get rid of it. I know that's code for "I want your body." So I drank her coffee.

Where was I going with all this? Yes, I'm still getting big and it's still very cool. Once again, I might have a new job. And yes, I have come to love sitting in the hot tub.

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