Friday, May 6, 2011

25 Things

This is from a posting from an old blog. It all still stands today so I figured I would post it here as well. One could argue I am trying to fill out a blog, and you would be correct. I am not particularly in the mood to write new material tonight.

1. Dragon Quest is my favorite video game series and I base entire console purchases on where it's going to be. No other video games have that kind of hold on me.
2. I never played sports until the day I graduated high school and that's when I took up skateboarding.
3. I skateboard a lot less these days because of age and I've moved more into weightlifting and climbing, but I still consider my skate my best friend.
4. I am one angular badass.
5. I have partial sleeve tattoos. One arm is black and the other is a negative of shattered glass with a heart in it. Also there are negative Xs inside my arms because I am straight edge. Why tattoos that bold? You won't find that out in a list like this...
6. I have my third straight edge X on my chest over my heart and it is literally an X I scribbled out while in class. It's rudimentary but it's my favorite.
7. I have gained at least fifty pounds since I started lifting weights in 2006.
8. I have a book on straight edge that I am working on and two comic books series that are loosely based on my life in high school and I seriously want to get one of these published.
9. I am a published writer. A short story that I wrote over a week at about three in the morning for a class at Vincennes University got published in their annual Tecumseh Review, though I really don't think it to be my best work...
10. I tried to get published at IU through the Canvas Arts Magazine with a narrative titled "Eating Asphalt" in which I told in great detail of the first time I ate shit skateboarding. It didn't get published, I accidentally lost the file, and then was pissed to see a narrative about a college student having his first boner while watching "Saved By The Bell."
11. I lift weights five days a week and enjoy a good long meditation session afterwards every time.
12. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, where I ultimately want to be, and all the attendant things that go with it, and are stressed about it just about every day.
13. I loves the punk rock, emo, and hardcore in small doses, but I feel that all music these days just totally sucks. I still can't figure out if it's just me or if it really is this bad.
14. Believe it or not, The B52s were my first favorite band and they had an album come out last year and I fell in love all over again. Those guys really know what entertains me.
15. I've saved lives.
16. I'm smart as hell and love to be a smart ass.
17. I really don't consider myself to be a good looking person.
18. I know American Sign Language, took it at IU, and really want to do something with it career-wise, though I have no idea where to start. I keep thinking that being a personal trainer for deaf people would be quite an awesome job though.
19. I'm not planning on a long term girlfriend until I start to get it all sorted out and I don't want kids. And yes, I'm fine with being a genetic dead-end.
20. I tend to think. A lot.
21. I love bad movies, and picking out a bad movie to watch is an artform. And talking about said bad movies on my myspace blog is a whole other artform that usually involves laziness, apathy, or pure rage.
22. I've worked pretty much the widest range of jobs imaginable and I kicked ass at all of them.
23. I had a friend from high school live with me for a couple weeks when I lived in Greenwood while she found her own place and events one night led me to piss in a milk jug in the laundry room in my building, then take the milk jug to the dumpster across the parking lot to throw it out.
24. Overall, I regret moving to Bloomington and going to IU. Hoosier Heights, the SRSC, and friends made along the way are the exception.
25. I love long drives and they really help me clear my head.

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