Monday, May 16, 2011

Really now

Since I have yet to have found a new job, I decided it might be a decent idea to apply to a company I had worked at for three years prior and try my hand at getting a pharmacy tech position with them. My god that was too much to ask.

I get called for the interview last Friday and nothing was said as to what position I would be interviewing for, but they wanted to to come in on Sunday right after my shift at the gym for an interview. I agreed to do so and asked outright if this is for a pharmacy tech position and they lady on the phone only replied with "I have no idea, I was just told to call you." Knowing this was going to turn out to be something ridiculous instead of what I want, I decided what the hell I need a new job anyway.

So Sunday comes around and I finish my shift at the gym, squeeze my big ass shoulders and chest into a tiny shirt, and I went up for the interview. Once it started, I noticed that on my application was a post-it note that read "Cashier" and was underlined. Knowing immediately where this thing was going, I was trying to find the best possible place to say that I did not even apply for that position without destroying the interview entirely. The Human Resource moron was going over how I have to have open availability if I am to be a full-time cashier and working the gym on weekends was just not going to fly with this company. Knowing that this job would be a giant pay cut, I finally brought up the fact that I already worked for this company before.

At that point, I watched the interviewer unravel entirely. He went over my application and saw that yes indeed I already worked there, and was a meat clerk last time. He also finally found out that I have a couple college degrees, and that I applied to work in the pharmacy. In short, he never read the application. I very politely called him a total dumbass and he told me he would look into the pharmacy to see if they could take anybody. He also tried to veer back to the cashier interview but nothing doing. He lost all control and I was good and pissed for him wasting my time in a few ways.

So yes, this is the distillation of everything I've been dealing with in this job search.


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  2. There is no cure for stupidity yet, but we are all hard at work to find one.