Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gimmick shoes

Since I will eventually be buying shoes for running, I have been thinking about getting "performance" style shoes that will aid more in my quest for the last few pounds of muscle I want to put on. With that said, I went over to Dick's to check their selection. These shoes should offer at least at much support as running shoes. I found a pair of Reeboks that I liked but the tops were made of this cheap ass looking canvas I'm sure I will tear through in a week. So no I'm not buying. But what brings me to this blog are the sheer amount of shoes claiming to help you with support, toning your ass and all manner of things. I get a laugh at the ridiculousness as my cynical side can't seem to buy into it. The big one right now are the Reebok Zig Zags and they have this silly looking soles that claim to take the shock out of your legs during a workout, run, tennis, skydiving, whatever. The tops are also that cheap canvas, by the way. So I tried them on just to see how they felt and I must say it was a good feel walking around in them, which kind of surprised me. But they added about two inches of height on me and being a very tall man already this wouldn't seem to help matters in the gym. Would these shoes do what they claim? I'll never know.

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