Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have been thinking about joining the Coast Guard Reserve for a while and, and no thanks to a popped tire, I was able to get the dialogue started today. I talked to the recruiter only to find that they do not do Reserve Units here in Indianapolis, so he gave me phone numbers for Chicago and Louisville and told me to call them. In the meantime, I dropped by the Armed Forces Recruiting Office and talked to anybody I could find. Turns out I am definitely too old for the Marines. The recruiter did not seem to happy with that because of my size. I already know the Navy and the Air Force are not for me, so I did not talk to them. I did talk to the Army about Reserve positions and I ended up getting a dialogue going with two recruiters, one saying do the Reserves, the other saying become Active Duty. I got a lot out of it and a lot to think about, but the Army Reserves sounds like it could be more my style. Coast Guard Reserves involves driving to Chicago, St. Louis, or Louisville to get something going and with my swimming ability it is not likely I could even pass. I need to give the whole thing more thought obviously. But it's not like I am getting interviews anywhere else and I really want a direction with my life.

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