Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Early workout

My brother was in town for a couple days and due to his lack of communication and planning, I wound up taking him to the airport at three in the morning today. After dropping him off, I headed down to LFF Greenwood to get my workout in and screw around town a little bit before heading home. Keep in mind I had probably all of one hour of sleep the night before, but was on a five hour energy drink and two cups of coffee. My workout started at six in the morning and I have never worked out that early, and decided to work legs and chest since I missed my workout yesterday due to hanging out with my brother. So in short I am completely crazy for going for that combination with no sleep. My legs never seem to wear down enough to just move to a different body part, and the upper part of my legs gets so freaking pumped up now that they rub together when I walk. After getting my legs pumped up ridiculously large, it was time to do the same to my chest. And to that I will just say mission accomplished. I love working out my chest so I always get these workouts right. After that, I did my measurements and found the weight gainer must be working. I only gained one pound but my body fat is way down. So I am definitely getting bigger. That's always good news.

So it was off to my second breakfast of the day so I can get some food down and wait for stores to start opening. After that, I went down the Comics Carnival only to find out they have shut down permanently...That was my favorite comic book store because they had so much cool stuff in addition to the comics. I bought video game soundtracks, toys, obscure movies, and other assorted stuff over the years from them. But they are gone now. So I just went home. Nothing else would have been worth going to. So my day was basically done by nine in the morning. Good thing I chose to sleep the rest of the day away then.

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