Thursday, March 24, 2011


For those who read this blog you are well aware of my transformation over the years. Nearly five years ago, I took up weightlifting and have since put on more than 60 pounds. Thing is, I rarely actually see how big I have gotten. It is very hard to explain. It is not that I still see that 150 pound guy, it is just that I do not see that 213 pound guy. People tell me how amazing it is how much I have been able to change my own body but it so odd that I just do not see the extent like they can.

Now an exception came yesterday. I went for a run before absolutely hammering my chest. I was sweaty as all hell at the end of my workout but that dude looking back at me in the mirror was just humongous. It was a short moment where I looked at myself and did not even recognize me. After an utterance of the word "damn" and I put my hand on my thick ass chest did I recognize myself again. While short, I did get to fully see how far I have come. I still can not even fathom how I have been able to take a body I was so sure would never bulk up and take it as far as I have, especially having done it largely on my own.

I am back to not seeing that humongous dude. I am not the kind of guy that takes shirtless pictures of myself to document my progress so I have nothing other than shirts that continue to grow smaller and pants that continue to tighten up around my upper legs.

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  1. Be proud Chad! Go running with your shirt off as soon as the temp gets above freezing.