Saturday, March 19, 2011


So where have I been lately? Well....

I am going to save all of that for a later date...

But for now, I am going to try to resume blogging and leave that stuff out for the time being. I have much to talk about and really need to get it out. Recently I have found myself hitting up every single fitness type calendar there is on the internet just to see what is out there and how they compare and contrast. And mostly I love seeing the stuff that is clearly a fad.

Men's has a broken calculator on their side called the Adonis Index which asks for your jacket size and your waist size but never works, so I took it to Google to see if another site offers it. Turns out there is another site and it is not entirely clear that the site won't infect the hell out of your computer. It also features some horrible CG video. So what is the Adonis Index? Well on this site it asks for your height and your waist and then gives you what would be the best shoulder measurement for your body and then asks for a ton of crap to potentially give you more measurements for a perfect body. So for my height and waist size, I should be nearly 55 inches across my shoulders. Well it is entirely possible I am wider than that across my shoulders. I kind of want to see more measurements as I am confident my chest is quite a bit larger than they would advise. has a fitness calculator where you enter a measurement for your wrist and then it returns the recommended size you should be all over the rest of your body. Again, my wrists aren't very big so I am quite larger than their recommended measurements, especially in the chest, legs, and neck.

I have used multiple BMI calculators and while they all say my BMI is over 26, which makes me overweight, but they usually give a different number in the tenth position. My gym one tells me I am a 26.6 as an example. I am also 213 pounds now.

Then comes the Resting Metabolic Rate calculator and then the Basal Metabolic Rate calculator. Those vary a bit by site, but I find it interesting that my Basal Metabolic Rate is a range from 2100 - nearly 2300 calories a day while my Resting Metabolic Rate is a range from 2400 - 2800 calories. What is considered to be normal caloric intake for most people is 2000 cal/day while mine is over that without even doing anything.

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