Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The coming test

I have a police officer PT test coming up next month. Clearly, I have not a problem with most of it. But it is the running that really has me nervous. I have not done cardio in a year just because it bores me. So in preparation for this test, I will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before I get into chest workouts. It will replace most of my leg workouts for a month because I want to spend some serious time on this.

And as a sidenote, I have been thinking about spending a few sessions with one of the trainers at my gym job once I get a new full time job. Not so much because I need help gaining the last bit of mass, but I would like help in maintaining the size once I get there. I know how to get bigger but not how to stay a certain size. Clearly this poses a different problem as I have aspirations of becoming a trainer myself. I mentioned it to a guy I work out with every now and then and he gave me the business over the entire idea. He told me it would be a waste of money since I have come so far on my own, and that I am basically already a trainer so why would I need to spend time with a different one? I certainly do not feel that way. If you are a doctor, you are going to see a different doctor for your own problems, right? Same for psychiatry. It's that and the trainer I want to work with is gigantic so he definitely know how to pack on muscle.

Also, I will be getting my Adult CPR/AED certification in a couple weeks. That clears a small hurdle toward getting my trainer certification.

And once I get a new job, I'm thinking of joining a Crossfit gym and really taking it to the next level. Those guys are also gigantic and have a lot more endurance than I. Clearly, I have a lot of ideas and are working in about a thousand directions at once. Hopefully something happens soon...

One more sidenote - I took my suit out to have a look to see if I need to get it cleaned for interviews. Turns out that was a yes. Cat hair covers the bottom of the jacket, I spilled crap on an elbow, and the entire thing was dusty from not having been touched in a couple years. To completely follow character, I planned on throwing the suit in the car to drop off after my workout only to spill milk all over the pants, drop them in the parking lot at home, and then ball the entire thing up and throw it in the backseat. If these people can make it look decent, I will be completely surprised.


  1. Good luck on your up coming test. Just remember when you are starting out just try to increase how many minutes you are running and not to worry about how fast you are going.

    Also I agree with the suit cleaning. Make sure that thing still fits too. You have packed on some size since you last wore that thing.

  2. Thanks. I went for about a twenty minute run today in the wind also. It was odd how that really didn't catch up with me until I started doing chest.

    You are right, I should try on the suit. I want to say I bought it a little large knowing I would bulk up, but that could have just been intent. I have an interview at IUPUI next Wednesday, so I am pretty excited about something happening.