Sunday, November 13, 2011

Murder By Death

I spoke so far of the skateboard demo that pretty much made me realize that I needed to evolve and embrace weightlifting. And the video game that made me realize I need to put that stuff down and focus on more important things such as my health.

For a while, I had been struggling with the fact that my ideologies will not lead me to personal happiness and since the group of people I ran with largely shared the same ideologies, I realized that I was stuck in a rut. But the fruition of that realization hit me while waiting in line for a show.

The band was Murder by Death, a band I had not heard of but knew was popular within the punk/indie scene so I was interested in checking them out. They were playing in Bloomington at a theater so I got there about ten minutes early and waited in a very short line. Within a couple minutes, the line grew very quickly and was largely made of of people dressed in their punk costumes - their black dyed hair, jackets with patches everywhere, that sort of thing. After one long look at the line, I decided not to attend this show. I stepped out and walked home.

Punk is fun for a few years but if you choose to become educated you realize you are always angry for the sake of being angry. Something will always keep you in a pissy mood. The idea of standing against for the sake of standing against becomes old.

As for the way of dress, why still dress like an early 80s punk rocker? Why show the world you and your ideologies refuse to evolve no matter how far you get left behind?

I still have never seen Murder by Death, nor have I even bothered to search them out on the internet to hear some of their stuff. Not really sure if it matters.

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