Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Psycho Path

This year for Halloween, I was invited to a bar for a costume party. While it sounded like it could be both a fun and a supremely annoying experience, I found myself taken in an entirely different direction...

Instead I found myself east of town at a campground. A low income campground just a few miles from the job I was laid off from and has several residents that attended that school. They had a corn maze, a path through the woods, and a haunted hay ride through the woods. Additionally they had a fat guy badly singing cover songs for drunk people and a small cafe. We thought it would be a good idea to go through the corn maze first but couldn't find it. The employees told us to go to the top of the hill and the maze should be there. Well, that wasn't the case and a few residents told us to go to the bottom of the hill near the road and we should find it. And that wasn't the case either. So after giving up, we did the Psycho Path, and it was a pretty uneventful jaunt through the woods as was the hay ride.

So after that we stopped off for some hot apple cider at the little deli and the entire thing really took a turn. The lady serving us was a mother of a couple children attending said job i was laid off from. She said she recognized me from the school and wondered where I have been. I told I had been laid off a few months ago and she apologized profusely for bringing it up. I have since moved on from all that and a more than ready to move on from that. She felt so bad about it that she offered up free refills for all of us in my group. I didn't take advantage as I had some pulpy hot apple cider that has since left me with a sore throat.

It was an odd turn for the night as the realization that for a good portion of these people as they are just living their lives set in. After we finished up and left, I got some odd sense of closure on the whole deal with that job. Quite a bit sobering. And to think I could have worn some ridiculous costume at a bar and got hit on all night.

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