Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stare Into the Firesea

This being my first blog in nearly three years, I somehow find it appropriate to be pretentious and post the lyrics of my favorite song "Stare Into The Firesea" by the short-lived band Picturesque.

Melts my eyes into the sun
Rain it pours soul pours out my nose
Beauty grasps the skin, so soothing
Just when pain never seems ceasing
No ironfist
Beauty grasp the skin, get past this

Days left holding empty stomachs
Screaming for, searching for fulfillment
The body embraces, souls catch a glimpse
Of tattered, torn, torments

Stare into the fire sea
Burns up as a piece of me
Goes up, goes up in language

Melts a life, into stone
Rain it pours scrapes across the soul
Beauty basks in sun, so soothing
Just when pain, never seems ceasing
Pours sweet shades gently flowing
No ironfist
Beauty basks in sun, get past this

Turn to wait, and wait to roll
Roll with the punches, wait to roll

Stare into the firesea
Burns up as a piece of me

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