Friday, January 28, 2011

The Six Month Change

I managed to strain a muscle in my abdomen this week doing lat rows at the end of my workout. I felt a pull run down the right edge of my abs and while it has not hurt, it just does not feel right. As a result, I have taken the rest of the week off to heal up and next week I will go very light on the weights and therefore my abs in order to finish the healing process. The silver lining here is the time off has given me time to think about how I am going to change up my routine. I love my routine - it is a real muscle builder and works out perfectly for me, but there is one flaw I have been trying to fix. You see, basically my workouts go: Monday, Wednesday, Friday are chest, shoulder, and arm days with a couple light ab exercises thrown in at the end. Tuesdays and Thursdays are legs, back, and abs days. And since I've been really trying to pack on the size, Sundays are basically wild card days where I workout the parts that I feel are lacking. I will not go into the actual detail of the workouts for now, but my biggest complaint with this set of exercises is that I basically work my shoulders out every single day. I did strain my shoulder out like I did my abdomen a few months back for this very reason.

So my new six month routine? Sundays are still wild card days. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are for legs, chest and abs. And Tuesday and Thursdays are for back, shoulders, and arms with a couple light ab exercises for posterity. This gives my shoulders a break. And most importantly pairing legs with chest will help me fill out my chest the rest of the way I have envisioned. Will I like it? I think so. It is very hard to change up your routine as it is very easy to just stick with what has been working, but your muscles need the change in order to continue to evolve. I can not wait to get healed up and really go at this new routine.

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