Friday, January 28, 2011


As far as workout supplements go, I only take whey protein and a pretty good amount of that. The rest of the stuff is too expensive, doesn't work, or doesn't produce a lasting result beyond the use of that product. I want my muscles to be real, lasting, hard muscles that are the result of hard work.

But I do have to admit that I get curious sometimes and want to experiment with supplements purely for academic purposes. I tried creatine monohydrate back when I started working out and put on a ton of weight in a short amount of time, only to lose every single ounce one I got a cold and stopped taking the stuff. That pretty much was enough to discourage me entirely.

I had wanted to try N.O. Xplode for some time as the weightlifting magazines make it sound like the greatest thing since peanut butter. And they started to produce this product in an a small single shot. Couldn't be easier. So I bought one and took it before climbing. It tasted like disgusting sugar water and was hard to get down. I gave it a little bit of time to take effect but nothing happened at all. I was promised MONSTER PUMPS!!!11!!1 and it didn't happen anywhere beyond how pumped I normally get. Now climbing is and lifting are two different things entirely, so I decided to give N.O. Xplode one more shot just for lifting as hard as I can. Again nothing happened. So enough was enough. Glad I wasted five dollars and not sixty five dollars.

I was in the store buying some whey protein and a shaker cup, making me strongly believe that all my cups will one day become shaker cups. I can't stop buying them. They are so handy! I noticed that Jack3d was on sale for $25 but I wanted to try some first. The sales rep had a sample so I took it and tried it the next day for my chest/shoulder/arm day - my heavier day. I grabbed out my most cut up workout shirt in preparation for whatever could happen and headed out to start with the pushups I do for warm-ups. On chest days, I always do two or three variations on pushups and one of those sets is always to failure. I always mix up which type of pushup and which set is the one I fail on. I have this thing down to a science. After about forty regular pushups, I got this tingly feeling like I was getting heat rash. The feeling didn't subside for a while but I wasn't breaking out either. So I did about twenty five diamond pushups. Then it was like someone flipped a switch. I was unbelievably focused and ran through every chest exercise I could think of. I got pumped up way more than I normally get. An hour later, my chest was shot. So I moved into arms and did the same thing. An hour into that, I had to force myself to leave. Under normal circumstances, I am finished at the hour and a half mark. I do not want to do more harm than good, and the hour and a half really seems to work for me for putting on size. Anyway, I couldn't stop at the two hour mark. I moved into abs a little bit and then had to force myself to leave. Knowing I likely couldn't fit back into the shirt I wore into the gym, I just stayed in my workout shirt and headed off to Moe's for a gigantic burrito. After mowing that one down, I wanted a second one but knew far better than to do that. So I got home, did some abs, and ended up staying up all night because this crap wouldn't ever wear off.

Again, I will extrapolate on this one further down the line, but that really messed with me psychologically. I know that a real good lifting session means I've burned enough energy to be able to have a good night's sleep. But with Jack3d, I couldn't even have that. So yeah, that was a real head game. I can't recommend Jack3d or any pre-workout other than for the occasional experience. I just don't like pumping up larger than I normally do and the feeling of knowing that I can get a good night's sleep is far too important to me to give up in pursuit of size. 

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