Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New leg workout

I picked up a new leg workout from a bodybuilder at work, and it has left my legs a quivering mess. With my shoulder injury, I have been unable to workout my upper body which really sucks hard for me. Once it has healed I am going to hit it hard and get big, but until then why not get my legs to where I want them? With that said, the list of workouts left me kind of wondering why it seemed so light. I will work out my legs for at least a good hour and it is not too often I get sore anymore, but my leg strength and size are something I attribute to years of skateboarding. I do the list to the letter and while it was a much shorter workout and a more difficult one, I thought everything was fine. So about 12 hours later, a massive pump and soreness set in to such a degree it was uncomfortable to use the toilet, to sit, and to stand. I have never had such a delay in soreness and it hit me so hard. Needless to say, this is a nice set of workouts.

Also, I have started to mix some oats with my whey protein drink to get all the carbs and what-not in. I'm not a fan of a chunky drink like that but it is very efficient and I am nothing if not efficient.

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